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A Jackson Family Foundation, (aka) Jackson Family Heritage Foundation and Jackson Development and Marketing Corporation Official 
Unified Global Call to Action" for "Global Peace, Love & Unity" in Honor of Michael Jackson and the Eternal Safe Preservation of Mankind.

Join Our Jackson Family Foundation Global Partnership at and Help Preserve the Legacy of the King of Pop.

A Planned Akron/Cleveland, Ohio "Jackson Family Legacy Brand Land Development & International Travel & Tourism Destination Coming to Ohio Featuring Multiple Attractions, Entertainment, Hotel Resorts, Shopping Venues, Film Studio, Job Training Facilities and Academic Partnerships.  

~ A Proposed Ohio International Travel & Tourism Destination & Jackson Family Legacy Museum ~

The following letter is a "Signed Statement of Affiliation and Endorsement" confirming that "Mr. Donald E. Thornton" has been fully authorized by Jackson Family Foundation President & Co-Founder, "Mr. Simon Sahouri" on behalf of the Jackson Family Foundation to assemble a Development Team to Co-Create, Co-Design, Co-Develop and Co-Manage the legal establishment of the first "Jackson Family Legacy Museum & Performing Arts Center, Hotel, Resort & Spa in Northeast Ohio. Mr. Thornton is also authorized to Produce, Coordinate, Manage and Promote a Jackson Family Foundation Sanctioned Annual "Michael Jackson Birthday Tribute" and "World Peace Festival" each year in Akron, Ohio in collaboration with the "Jackson Family Foundation's" "Global Synchronized Michael Jackson Birthday Tribute Celebration", August 28th and 29th of each year.


The famous Jackson Family patriarch and matriarch, "Joseph & Katherine Jackson" formulated the Official "Jackson Family Foundation" soon after the tragic passing of their beloved son, "Michael Jackson", in honor of and to help preserve the memory of Michael's epic legacy as well as to preserve the remarkable legacy of the greatest family of entertainment in the history of the world, "The Jacksons". Joseph & Katherine soon appointed LVH Media Founder and Las Vegas Hollywood Magazine Publisher Simon Sahouri as President and Director of Administration of the Jackson Family Foundation and Jackson Development & Marketing Corporation. Mr. Sahouri immediately reached for Akron, Ohio Marketing Director, Art Director & Web Master, "Don Thornton" to co-create, co-develop and help spearhead multiple Jackson Family Foundation Projects, Events, Product Developments and Cause Marketing Campaigns such as the "Jackson Family Foundation Global Partnership", the Jackson Family Museum Land Development Project,  the On-line Jackson Family Casino and the Jackson Family Foundation ongoing "World Peace Initiative". 

Join Our "Official Jackson Family Foundation" 3-Day Michael Jackson Birthday Tribute" each Year, August 29, 30 & 31 and 

Post Your Michael Jackson Memories, MJ Birthday Plans and Upload Your Videos and Photos for Free at

Leveraging the Power, the Legacy and the Global Notoriety of the Most Famous Entertainment Family Name Brand   in the History of the entire World Towards a "Joint Unified Ongoing Mission" of "Global Peace, Love & Unityfor the Benefit of All Mankind and for the Preservation of the Epic Legacy & Beloved Memory of the Iconic Michael Jackson. 

A Proposed Global Sychronized Joint Collaboration with The Jackson Family Foundation Global Partnership 

and Our Amazing International Jackson Fans, Incredible Sponsors, Participating Cities and the Entire World!

Commemorating the Legacy of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson

An Officially Sanctioned JFF Global Synchronized Michael Jackson Birthday Tribute & World Peace Festival. Complete Details Coming Soon....

An Annual Global Synchronized August 28th & 29th, Akron, Ohio Michael Jackson Birthday Tribute  & World Peace Festival sanctioned by 
the Jackson Family  Foundation in Partnership with the World in Honor of the Epic Legacy of the Greatest Performer of the Modern Era!

The 1st Sanctioned Akron, Ohio Michael Jackson Birthday Tribute

The first ever officially sanctioned "Jackson Family Foundation" Akron, Ohio "Michael Jackson Birthday Tribute" was Produced by Gerald Gould (left), Don Thornton (center) and Terry Shelton (right), August 29, 2010 with the support of 2300 Make a Pact Co-Founders and twin sisters Sheryl & Sherry Davis who traveled from Athens, Ohio to make the "Michael Jackson Birthday Tribute". Don Thornton unveiled his original LVH Magazine Commemorative Issue Cover Design which was the winner of a global contest with almost 80% of the Global Fan Votes during a Las Vegas Hollywood Magazine "Legacy of the Legend" Cover Design Contest. 

The Jackson Family Foundation Academic Achievement Initiative

Learn more about the historic JFF/JDMC plans, developments and special events at:
Contact "Jackson Family Foundation" Sr. Marketing Director Don Thornton at: [email protected] for updates.



We are actively seeking "Global Sponsors, Equity Partners and Qualified Funding Sources" who aspire to immediately 

"Associate Your Corporate Brand Name with a legitimate 50 Year Old Global Brand Name such as the historic Jackson'

Brand. We seek those who can appreciate our "Charitable Mission" and "Jackson Family Legacy Preservation" objective.

Sales data statistics confirm that there simply is "No Family of Entertainment More Accomplished than the Jackson's". 

Having a "Jackson Family Legacy Museum" built to house, archive and institutionalize the "Jackson Brand" for the 

entire World to come see, visit, learn and marvel at is the last great "Entertainment Theme Tourist Destination" that 

remains to be built in this modern era for such a historic family legacy. As you can see from the above data, our

vision is clear, competitive, righteous, timely and straight forward. This is not nuclear science. As far as I'm

concerned, the World will be in total support and celebrate the announcement of our "Jackson Family

Museum's" "Grand Opening" and endorse whomever our "Founding Sponsor(s)" may be that join us.

Our sponsors and equity partners will be applauded for their commitment and celebrated for their wisdom,  

business savvy and foresight to partner with the historic 50 year old "Jackson Family Global Brand". 

Now is the time for all "True Corporate Mavericksto stand up and take center stage and 

be a part of the inevitable. The fact is, it's not a matter of if this plan will manifest, it's just 

a matter of when and who will put their best foot forward to help make it happen. 

If you are such a one that can "See Our Vision" and would like a copy of our 

Official Joint Venture Agreement or Licensing and Product Development 

Agreement and/or our Global Sponsorship Package, please fill out the 

form below, submit your request and we will provide you with which

 ever documents of corporate development you seek for your review 

and consideration. Serious inquiries only. We Thank You All!

"Donald E. Thornton"

~ Jackson Family Foundation ~

Sr. Marketing Director, Graphic Designer, Web Master

& Global Business Development Consultant

[email protected]

Phone: 330.785.0163


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