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Don Thornton & Associates Marketing - Portfolio

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Jackson Family Foundation - Marketing Direction, Art Direction, Graphic Design & Web Development by Donald E. Thornton

Donald E. Thornton has been the Senior Marketing Director, Art Director & Webmaster for the "Jackson Family Foundation" ever since July of 2009 after 

the June 25th, 2009 passing of the beloved "King of Pop", "Michael Jackson".  The following graphic designs and artwork were all created by Mr. Thornton. 

LVH Magazine staged an international "Michael Jackson Legacy of the Legend" tribute issue "Cover Art Design Contest" of which 

"Donald E. Thornton" won by earning 52% of the international votes. The closest vote getter in 2nd place got 4% of the vote totals.

Mr. Simon Sahouri, President of the "Jackson Family Foundation" and Founder, Publisher & CEO of Las Vegas Hollywood Magazine & LVH Media Group in association with Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Art Director & Marketing Director Donald E. Thornton are offering certain "Jackson Family Foundation" non-exclusive Licensing and Intellectual Property Rights" by way of "Jackson Development & Marketing Group" Licensing Agreements on behalf of "Original Art & Graphic Designs" created by Mr. Thornton. Also plans are underway to publish a 2016 "LVH Michael Jackson Commemorative Issue" in Chinese! Our goal is to do a reprint of our very popular "Legacy of the Legend" "Michael Jackson Tribute Issue" targeting the 1.3 billion Chinese population. Our low-end goal is to sell to a minimum of 1% of the 1.3B Chinese population which would translate into 13 million copies of our "MJ Tribute Magazine" sold which will net $10 per unit sold. Net sales could total $130M! They say "You Can't Judge a Book by it's Cover", however, you sure as heck can sell a book by it's cover. Especially if the artwork is as strong as Mr. Thornton's work. All interested parties who would like to discuss this opportunity, please contact Mr. Thornton at 330.785.0163 and/or email Mr. Thornton at; [email protected].

Donald E. Thornton is arguably one of the most talented and creative all around graphic designers, visual artists and marketing directors in the world. Mr. Thornton is considered a quadruple threat in that he has mastered four industry disciplines that makes him usually the most talented player on any project. Donald is (1) a "Master Illustrator" who majored in "Fine Arts" in College, (2), He is also a World Class "Graphic Designer" who actually

won the "Senior Craftsmanship Award" as an Akron, Ohio High School Designer back in 1973, (3), Donald is an extremely talented "Marketing Director" with over 40 years of experience in all critical levels of Marketing, Product Design, Advertising & Public Relations and last but not least, (4), Donald is a very gifted "Webmaster" with over 15 years of "Web Development" experience & knowledge in Viral Marketing & Social Network Media.

The Beloved "Jackson Family Legacy Brand Name" is perhaps the only "Entertainment Industry Family Name Brand" in the History of the World 

that can actually possibly "Trigger and Sustain" a "World Peace Movement" and can possibly Commit 100's of Millions of dedicated Global Fans.