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Don Thornton & Associates Marketing - Portfolio

Strategic Planning - Marketing Solutions - Art Direction - Web Development - Consulting

About Don Thornton

Don Thornton is an Internationally known Graphic Designer, Marketing Consultant & Web Master. Since "Michael Jackson's" tragic passing, June 25, 2009, Don has been the Art Director, Graphic Designer & Web Master for the "Jackson Family Foundation", the "Legacy of the Legend" and "LVH Magazine". Don is also Founder of both the "National Stay In School Campaign" and "GreenTech Ventures" among other business enterprizes. See more of Don's Graphic Designs, Concepts and Artwork at:

Donald E. Thornton

President, Founder & CEO

B.U.I.L.D. Management, LLC

& Graphic Designer, Art Director,

Sr. Marketing Director & Web Master

[email protected] 

Don Thornton - Sr. Marketing Director, Web Master & Art Director, Jackson Family Foundation, Inc.

Don Thornton - Art Director, Writer & Consultant

Don Thornton - Co-Founder, Marketing Director & Art Director, Legacy of the Legend Productions, LLC

Don Thornton - Art Director & Product Line Disigner

Don Thornton - Art Director & Marketing Director

Don Thornton - Art Director & Marketing Consultant

Treasure Owens Grant & Donald E. Thornton are Cofounders of the Women's World Peace Global Partnership of P.O.W.E.R.S. INC.

Don Thornton - Art Director & Marketing Consultant

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